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A-Z International Centre for Children
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A-Z International Centre for Children


A-Z first opened its gates in September 2002. Since this time our Centre has experienced significant growth, beginning with 38 children in 4 classes and now having more than 100 children in 7 classes. Right from the start we have been keeping to our original aim to ‘provide the highest possible quality of English-language care to nursery and pre-school aged children (18 months to 7 years) in Budapest’.

A-Z International Centre for Children

Our mission

Our goal is to provide a complete and integrated environment of care that meets each child’s individual needs in all areas of development. To meet this goal, we firstly ensure that our building and grounds are safe and hygienic – the most essential aspects to any environment for children.

A-Z International Centre for Children

Staff Team

We acknowledge that the teachers are the most valuable resource of any institution that cares for young children. We choose our teachers very selectively, and as a result our team is well qualified, highly experienced, talented with young professionals, who are totally dedicated to our mission and philosophy. Our teachers use ‘Positive Discipline’ method to encourage good behaviour.

A-Z International Centre for Children

Our programs

Our Class Programs aim to relate strongly to the individual needs, developmental stages, and interests of the particular children in the class. The teachers plan their own age-related program and daily routine based in accordance with the Centre’s guidelines and expectations. All rooms offer a strong focus on social and language development, and a wide variety of stimulating play-based experiences.

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How to reach us

+36 1 212 0133

1125 Budapest XII. kerület, Zsolna utca 2.